A San Francisco Salon Explains Microblading

February 4, 2021 at 10:30 PM
San Francisco microblading gives brows a fuller natural appearance.

If you’re not in love with your brows, microblading from a San Francisco salon can transform your appearance–or just simplify your beauty regimen. We’ll discuss what microblading is, what happens during a microblading appointment, and how to decide if microblading is right for you.

The most important part of microblading is working with skilled, highly trained technicians. In San Francisco, the Paua Beauty Lounge experts have advanced microblading training and offer comprehensive consultations with every appointment.

What is microblading?

Microblading is semi-permanent eyebrow makeup to help brows look thicker, fuller, and more even. It’s not the thick, heavy eyebrow tattoo aesthetic popular among great aunts in the 90s. Microblading doesn’t use a tattoo gun but a specialized tool and technique to create the look of fine hairs throughout your natural brow.

The tool used is a fine blade with tiny needles that scratches the skin and deposits pigment to match your natural coloring at the same time. It blends in with your natural brows while giving them the appearance of being thicker and fuller.

How long does microblading last?

The idea of getting your makeup tattooed on may feel irreversible and drastic, but microblading is semi-permanent. The results last anywhere from a year to up to three years. While the technique is like tattooing, it differs in a few critical ways.

  • Semi-permanent ink: unlike traditional tattooing ink, your body will slowly metabolize the microblading ink, so the lines will gently fade.
  • Tattoo depth: microblading only penetrates the top layers of skin, unlike a tattoo gun that drives ink deep into the tissue.

Because it’s semi-permanent, microblading is a modest commitment for those who are unsure if it’s right for their beauty regimen. The ink fades over a few years, and you can book regular touch-ups to keep your brows looking incredible year after year.

What happens during a microblading appointment?

Many people feel apprehensive about microblading because they’re worried about pain. The process does involve making tiny cuts into the skin to deposit ink. But if you’ve plucked, waxed, or threaded your eyebrows before, you’re prepared for the level of discomfort that comes with microblading.

A technician will draw the eyebrow shape onto your face at first to confirm you like the look before anything semi-permanent happens. Then, they’ll use a microblading tool to make cuts in the skin of your eyebrows and deposit the ink. Aftercare is critical, and you’re encouraged to keep your eyebrows dry for the best results.

How do I decide if microblading is right for me?

If you have thin or thinning brows, or alopecia microblading can provide natural-looking full, thick eyebrows. You might be happy with your current eyebrow shape, but spend time filling in and evening out your brows every morning. Microblading can streamline the amount of time you spend on your beauty routine.

Semi-permanent makeup may feel like a big decision, but microblading is remarkable because of its natural, flawless results. A San Francisco beauty salon can provide guidance and advice during a consultation if you have questions or are uncertain if microblading is right for your brows.

To book a microblading appointment in San Francisco, contact Paua Beauty Lounge.

If you want to transform your appearance with fuller, natural-looking brows, make an appointment with Paua Beauty Lounge in San Francisco for microblading. We’re in Russian Hill by North Beach and provide various beauty services ranging from mani-pedis to eyelash extensions.

Our skilled technicians are adept at augmenting natural beauty by using the brow to enhance your face’s natural shape. The 120-minute procedure includes a consultation, and results last up to three years. Book your appointment today.

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