Care Tips After Getting Eyelash Extensions in SF

December 3, 2020 at 5:00 AM
The right care techniques help maintain the appearance of your SF eyelash extensions.

We all know that looking your best is a great way to build confidence and bolster other people’s opinion of you. However, doing that requires effort. One popular method that women in the Russian Hill neighborhood use to elevate their appearance is getting eyelash extensions. They add volume and fullness to your natural eyelashes and draw people’s attention when interacting with them. Extensions are an investment, though, and they require diligent maintenance to keep them looking their best. If you’ve recently had extensions applied, use these helpful tips to maintain their beautiful apperance for as long as possible.

SF Eyelash Extension Maintenance Tips

Understand the importance of the first 24 hours.

The technician uses a specialized glue to apply the eyelash extensions in SF, and just like any other adhesive, it needs to cure and set to hold them in position. That means you need to take extra precautions for the first 24-48 hours after application. Most importantly, you need to avoid exposure to moisture because it will prevent the glue from drying. The technician will provide more detailed instructions, but don’t wash your face, go swimming, or visit any saunas on the same day you get the extensions. You also shouldn’t touch them too much. Not only can you knock them out of place, but doing so transfers the oils from your hands onto the glue, which affects the curing process.

Don’t use alcohol or oil-based beauty products.

Alcohol and oil-based products break down the glue and dissolve the adhesive’s bonding to your natural lashes, so using them drastically reduces the extensions’ retention. Luckily, there are numerous solutions available that effectively clean your skin without damaging the lashes. When buying cleansers or makeup removers after getting SF eyelash extensions, always check the label to ensure it is gel-based or use micellar water to help them last longer. These products effectively clean your skin without affecting the adhesive. If you want to clean the extensions themselves, use a mascara spoolie or eye shadow brush to wipe them down with a foaming lash cleanser.

Skip the mascara.

One of the beauties of extensions is that they naturally make it look like you have mascara on your eyelashes all of the time, so you really won’t need any after the appointment. If you feel the need to put some on anyway, only use a water-based product. This shouldn’t be confused with waterproof mascara, though. Most mascaras have oil in them, which dissolves the bonding, but a water-based solution won't cause those problems. Water-based mascara is also thinner than oil-based ones, so it won’t create tension while brushing it on, preventing tugging or pulling the extensions out of place.

Get the most out of your next SF eyelash extension!

Paua Beauty Lounge in San Francisco, CA, is the premier provider for eyelash extensions in the North Beach and Russian Hill areas of the city. Our skilled technicians only use the highest quality Mink lashes, which are lighter and softer than more traditional extensions. We’ll meticulously attach one individual extension to one natural eyelash for a beautiful and voluminous appearance and provide ongoing care and refills to keep them looking fantastic. Visit us online to learn more about our services or to book your appointment today.

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