How monthly facials in Russian Hill will keep you looking younger than your age

June 14, 2021 at 7:00 AM
How monthly facials in Russian Hill will keep you looking younger than your age

Pampering yourself often comes at a price. However, there are benefits to treating yourself to a mani-pedi or a facial. While a mani-pedi is always a great way to take care of yourself, today let’s explore the benefits of monthly facials in Russian Hill. At Paua Beauty Lounge, our team can explain to you why a facial once a month is good for you and your skin.


As our skin cells die, they pile up on the surface and make our skin feel dry and rough. This can lead to your skin flaking and getting itchy, which could eventually bleed. Removing these dead cells regularly by washing your face is effective, but exfoliation is needed to ensure that the layer of dead cells is removed properly. Rather than using coarse or abrasive cloths or cleansers, a facial uses chemicals that will peel the dead cells away and leave the healthy layer from below.

Improves circulation

One of the most important parts of getting a facial is the massage. Anytime you get a massage you’re improving circulation to specific areas of your body. This helps to oxygenate and nourish cells while promoting healing. The same is true for your face. After getting a facial, you’ll notice that the skin on your face is healthier than before and it will show with a glow.

Treats acne

Most people deal with acne to some degree. Whether it’s on a major scale where you have regular and constant breakouts or if it comes in cycles, it’s irritating and damaging to your skin. You can get facials that offer salicylic acid peels that will help to clean your pores and considerably reduce acne breakouts. It will also help to reduce acne scars.

Opens pores

Another method that’s used to effectively reduce acne is steam treatment. This method is used to open your pores and remove bacteria, excessive oil, and dead skin cells. This will also make it easier for the esthetician performing your facial to remove blackheads and whiteheads as necessary. This will leave your face feeling healthy and smooth.

Tightens skin

As we age, the collagen fibers that keep our skin tight and healthy start to wear out. This is why we start to get wrinkles and marks of stress across our faces. While Botox is one temporary solution, a facial provides benefits that will be much more sustainable and healthier. Your esthetician can perform a procedure that will stimulate the production of collagen in your skin, which will lessen the wrinkles and stress marks. This will help to make your face look much younger than it is.

Eliminates eye bags

Speaking of stress… Few areas in your face display stress than the areas around your eyes. Dark circles and eye bags are especially prevalent when you are or have been under a considerable amount of stress. To help with this, cucumber slides are placed over your eyes. This specific vegetable is rich in vitamin K and will help improve elasticity by aiding in the process of blood clotting.

Book your facial today

Don’t put off getting a facial, get in touch with us to book yours today. At Paua Beauty Lounge, we’ll take care of you so you can take care of yourself. You can schedule your monthly facials in Russian Hill to start reaping the benefits yourself. Give us a call at 415-525-4766 or send a message using our contact form. We look forward to pampering you in a safe, relaxing atmosphere.

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