How to Get the Most Enviable Eyelash Extensions in San Francisco

April 10, 2020 at 4:00 AM

Looking for the place to get the best eyelash extensions in San Francisco? PAUA Beauty Lounge focuses on providing the best quality results for a reasonable price while keeping clients safe.

Our team puts just as much emphasis on the hygiene and cleanliness of our shop as we do eyelash extensions and other services. Keeping our clients satisfied means offering superior levels of comfort and personal peace of mind.

Eyelash extensions offer a luxuriant and attractive alternative to mascara or traditional fake eyelashes. Our beauty technicians have years of experience helping clients achieve their full beauty potential with our eyelash extensions.

What Are Eyelash Extensions?

Looking for a semi-permanent solution for the tedious task of keeping your eyelashes looking full, fresh, and fun? We recommend high quality extensions.

Eyelash extensions are often made of silk or synthetic materials. At PAUA Beauty Lounge, we only use high quality and durable mink.

Extensions are placed on each individual lash. Unlike hair extensions, those wearing them cannot remove them and put them back in. They should remain in place until removed by a technician or until they fall out on their own.

While many go for touch-ups every two or three weeks, the lifespan of most eyelash extensions should extend well past this. Avoid getting eyes wet or using oily products near the lash extensions.

Can you still wear makeup with eyelash extensions? Of course you can. No need to ditch that sensual and smoky look. Ask our staff about which makeup selections will work best with your eyelash extensions.

Why Get Extensions at PAUA Beauty Lounge?

First, at PAUA Beauty Lounge, we do not provide the same eyelash style to all of our clients. Instead, we discuss options and take a bespoke approach. Every client has a different concept of what they want. We strive to meet or exceed expectations while also making sure that you get a customized and unique look.

More importantly, we see client safety and health as our number one priority. This means that our sanitation procedures set standards above and beyond what the Health Department and the cosmetology board expect. When possible, we only use disposable tools. After initial use, the tool gets thrown away.

Also, we do not stop with typical cleaners such as soap and water. We treat all implements with germ-killing ultraviolet light and hospital-grade cleaners.

When it comes to other services, we only use non-toxic products, avoiding acrylics and other unsafe materials.

Finally, our technicians have received full training, licensing, and credentialing to provide the best and safest service possible.

Reach Out Today to Learn More

Contact us today for more information about why PAUA Beauty Lounge provides the best quality and safest possible beauty services. Our clients appreciate our commitment to their health and well-being. If you have questions about eyelash extensions in San Francisco, feel free to call, email, or message us. PAUA Beauty Lounge’s staff will respond as quickly as possible with answers.

Let us work with you to give you the eyelashes of your dreams with the luxury and convenience of extensions. Call us today for an appointment.

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